Tiffany Chang



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Hey! I'm Tiffany Chang: a designer, developer, and business creative originally from Honolulu, HI. I build to democratize opportunities for people across all borders. You can find me buying a one-way ticket to a new city, playing beach volleyball, eating poke by the pounds, or at a bookstore reading about organizational psychology. 


Currently thinking about: reimagining education

Currently located: Philadelphia, PA

Always learning: I'm a senior studying Operations and Information Decisions/Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School and minoring in Computer Science. I currently work as Director and Designer at Penn Labs and a Product Expert in Residence at Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship. Previously, I've worked as a product designer at Rialto and Twine

Skills: design (Sketch, InVision, PS), analytics (R, SQL, VBA), dev (React/Redux, JavaScript, Java)


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