Tiffany Chang




People collect data - a lot of data. Things happen everyday: microinteractions, epiphanies, growth. It takes time to process, analyze, extract, and apply our bits of retained information, else they just become simple memories. I hope to enhance those memories and hope to enlighten you with something new.


Design: why it matters & how to start

 I believe that each person possesses the ability to become a great designer. Therefore, I want to share my bits of knowledge as well as my resource guide at the end to help you get started.

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She leads with head & heart

Intelligence and execution win respect. Respect gains followers. But to be an effective leader, it takes a lot more than brains and will. I met Varsha Rao and Bridget Dolan at a Penn x Google women's event and experienced what it's like when women lead.


how to trade 23 for 2

Team ToucantThreecan went from struggling to simply enter the competition, to 23rd place, and finally finishing 2nd place. This post walks you through the fight to overcome technical, algorithmic, and mental challenges. 


Playing a sport, particularly volleyball, why it has been such an integral part of my life despite deciding to not continue playing in college. Varsity athlete, club athlete, ex-athlete, never-was-an-athlete, I hope you find this article relevant to your life and learn more about how athletes (or yourself) have developed their resilient, hardworking, collaborative, selfless qualities and continue to rise to life's challenges.


Welcome to philly tech

What I found most intriguing about tech culture is its ability to define a problem in society and creatively find a solution to it. Serendipitously, I was able to find that here in Philadelphia as well. But what really does it take to bring an idea to life? Here are my five take-aways from a startup tour, visiting DreamItCuralateRJMetrics, and